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How does all of this work?

1.First join the State Association, TASO (Texas Association of Sports Officials) at TASO.ORG and pay your state dues. This is required to run background checks.

2.Complete your application for the Fort Worth Chapter and pay your local dues.

3.Attend training classes both by the state and local chapters. Three training sessions, completion of a Regional or State Clinic and a passing score on the rules exam are required before assignments can be given.

4.Purchase your necessary equipment/uniform.

5.Accept your assignments.

How much does it cost to get started?

The cost for TASO is currently $90 new members and $115 for returning members.

FW Metro is on a sliding scale, New $50, 2nd Year $70, 3rd year and up $85

Shirts range from $35-$60 per shirt, Pants – depends on what you buy

Shoes (varies) - All black (no white) athletic style shoe. Keep in mind you will be on your feet a lot, so buy for comfort.

Other necessary gear starter kits range from $45 to $85.

What will I need to get started?

  • Dues paid, application and pass background check for TASO (separate from FW Metro). TASO.ORG
  • Dues and application completed need to be sent to Fort Worth Metro.
  • State Requirements – State Education clinics and pass a written Exam by the state association.
  • Uniform - White polo Shirt (with the TASO logo only available from listed vendors), black slacks (belt if loops), black shoes, black socks, black shoes.
  • Equipment - black whistle and lanyard, red/yellow cards, ball pump and pressure gauge, pen/pencils, index cards, flipping coin, flags.
  • Attend training sessions and meetings.
  • You are on your WAY!

How do officials get paid?

Officials work as independent contractors and are paid by the school or their payment companies.

Typical Match fees: Varsity - $70, Sub-Varsity - $45, Jr. High - $40

How often would I be required to call matches?

You set your schedule, but there are a few times during the year all officials are needed. Typically the high school season will start the first week of August and end the last week of October.

What areas does Fort Worth Metro referee?

Typically we cover Tarrant County but also service schools in Dallas, Johnson, Hill, Denton, Parker, Wise, Hood, Somervell, Erath, and Palo Pinto counties.

How do I join?

Join TASO and Fort Worth Metro and pay your dues. Membership secretary will assist getting you started.

How long is the season?

The season for high school will start in the first week of August and will end the last week of October. Middle schools typically start the second week of school and run until the end of October.

When does Training start?

We will start training new officials in April, pending spring leagues, and as last as June before the start of that season and continue throughout the season.  

How old do I need to be in order to become a referee?

The minimum age to become a member is 16.

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